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    Why you should choose us?

    Sweeney Interpreting is owned and operated by interpreters who have deaf family members, have deaf administration staff and have a strong connection with the Deaf Community.


    You can always ask for your preferred interpreter/s. If your preferred interpreter is not available, we will try to give you another appropriate interpreter for the job

    Tailored Needs

    We always ask what your interpreting needs are so that we can match the right interpreter for each booking - whether small or large.


    We ask our interpreters to do at least 4 training events/workshops per year. This means our interpreters are always learning how to be a good interpreter.


    We aim to be flexible in how we serve you: face-to-face or video remote interpreting and we can communicate you through written English or Auslan for each booking request.

    How we work with you?

    Send your booking request
    Find an interpreter for you
    Confirm your booking request
    Enjoy our service

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