Support Team

The Support Team is your ‘go-to’ point of contact throughout your booking and interpreting experience. We manage your enquiries, bookings, quotes, invoices, payroll and feedback.

You will be greeted most of the time, by our friendly and capable booking officers through email, text or video.

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We are proud to have a large team of interpreters across Australia with a variety of interpreting skills and backgrounds to meet your equally varied needs.

You can view each interpreter, what area they live in, their level of qualification, their area of interpreting interest and you can view a short video about them to view their interpreting style.

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Auslan Consultants

Auslan consultants work with English texts or Auslan interpreters to ensure that translations or interpretations are linguistically and culturally appropriate. Examples include working with interpreters for interpreted theatre performances, translating song lyrics into Auslan, or providing video recorded Auslan content to complement written English text on websites and online posts.

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Deafness Awareness Training (DAT)

The trainer trains and shares information about and how to engage with the deaf community, either face-to-face or online.

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