Thank you for booking with Sweeney Interpreting. We have a new App and would love you to join. It is a faster and more efficient way to book interpreters.
Our portal is no longer open to new bookings.
You can download the App on your iPhone, Android, iPad or tablet.
If you have any questions or concerns, or think that you may not be able to use the App, you can email us at or call Sean on 0433077338 to discuss options.
We're live!

SweeneyApp is here!

The Sweeney Interpreting App provides an easy, accessible way for customers to book interpreters 24/7.

Customers will be able to see the interpreter's photos and video introductions so that they can choose who they want to book. Customers can also book, edit, cancel or change their details easily- all keeping in line with their time zone. It is easy to register your details and become a customer.

Interpreters can register with Sweeney Interpreting and monitor requests for interpreting work. Interpreters can accept, reject, or cancel bookings – keeping everyone in the loop.

A faster, more efficient way to book interpreters.